Welcome to Mathew Klujian and Sons – The Chicago Rug Specialists Since 1938

Mathew Klujian and Sons is a company based on family pride and tradition. Although we have grown and modernized throughout the years, we are proud to say that there are many things that remain the same as the day that Mathew Klujian Sr. opened the store in 1938.

For one, we are still located on Devon Avenue in Chicago. It is at this location that all in-plant cleaning, repairs, restoration and sales are done. Our capacity for cleaning is unmatched in the Chicagoland area. We never send your carpets somewhere else to have them cleaned, in fact, many other carpet retailers and cleaners send their customers' rugs to us.

Also since 1938, we have continued to personally inspect each rug to ensure that it is cleaned appropriately. Over the years our attention to detail has gained a lot of respect, and today we are even qualified to clean museum quality rugs. Lastly, but most importantly, we still believe in treating our customers with kind, courteous and professional service.